Welcome to Muffinz!

All the items here are designed for Moove, an online virtual world, and can be purchased with moove c$.
Most of my stuff  -for girls are available in 4 skin tones  : julie, mariko, mam-tan, gabriella
                              -for guys usually any skin tone,  not always!
If there is some problem with any of the items, please contact me on moove. (ButterMuffinz)
(not like i could help but yeah .. whatever lol j/k!)

                                        Lots of thanks to !! Poppy Doll !! and Rachelle   
                                          and to those who helped me with my gold :)))   
    *PoppyDoll*  ;  *Fancita*  ;  *Texas_Taurus*  ;  Madam Moove  ;  LittleBit1  ;    *Goosey*
                                                 THANK YOU! DANKE! GRACIAS! KÖSZÖNÖM!

I've been making only clothes, so hair, faces etc. are other designers'  work :)
such as :  PoppyDoll , SweetGirl ,C@ndy~SinZ

       Shoplifting is prohibited and punished with spanking!